The Ocna Sibiului thermal salt lakes

Lazy Sunday morning

Finally all clouds were gone! That’s the perfect setting for a lazy Sunday and the ideal moment to get all the rain out of my boots.

Breakfast in the garden of the cottage.
View on the surrounding area of the cottage near Sibiu.

Ocna Sibiului thermal salt lakes

We stayed the whole morning in the garden of the cottage in the hills around Sibiu. In the early afternoon, we headed to Ocna Sibiului for a picnic and a unique spa experience in the hot, salty water of the lakes.

There are several small lakes which are all flooded salt mines. The lakes contain extremely salty water which makes it the perfect place to take your first swim lessons.

Adults pay 10LEI to enter the area with the salt lakes. For this price you can choose any lake or even try them all. You’ll find most of the people at the biggest lake. Some people prefer to smaller lakes where they occupy the wooden entrance platform and have the lake for themselves all day.

When you enter the Ocna Sibiului water, your might first return on your steps as the surface water is just ordinary cold water. However, as soon as you take the second step, you’ll immediately feel the warm water.  Deeper in the water means warmer. Your feet might eventually melt if you stay too long in the water!

Locals told me that the heat is caused by thousands of organisms (visible in the water) getting sexually active during the month May and cause the water to heat up. Hard to believe and since there is a more scientific explanation, I would rather believe that one.

Salt just makes the water easier to heat up. Also, when water is strongly impregnated with salt, bottom water will be much warmer than the fresher surface waters.

The thermal salt lakes of Ocna Sibiului near Sibiu in Transylvania in Romania.
The ‘mud pool’ where you can cover you entire body with mud and walk around as a mud monster!
The thermal salt lakes of Ocna Sibiului near Sibiu in Transylvania in Romania.
One of the other lakes at Ocna Sibiului.
The thermal salt lakes of Ocna Sibiului near Sibiu in Transylvania in Romania.
The other half of the biggest lake at Ocna Sibiului.

In the evening I stayed one more night with my couchsurfing hosts in Sibiu. They thaught me how to make bruschettas. It was the first thing I made when I got home from Transylvania.

Before we went to sleep we still went to see where I would take the bus tomorrow morning. I would get up at 6 to get to see Slimnic and the Astra open air museum in one day. Located each of them on another side of Sibiu.

See my next post in the journal to see if I managed to see both places.