Corvin Castle in Hunedoara and rural Romanian villages

The main attraction of Hunedoara is definitely the Corvin Castle. It might be the most beautiful castle you’ll ever see. Most tourists come to Hunedoara by bus, just to see this castle and leave the town again. Since I was staying in Hunedoara itself, I had plenty of time to find a good spot to photograph the castle without other tourists on the photo.

Corvin Castle, the main tourist attraction of Hunedoara.

The security guards tried my patience as first they were standing in the middle of the bridge. Finally they walked away and I got a clear view on the castle.

I did not enter the castle, so I got plenty of time left to see the surrounding area of Hunedoara. First, I hitchhiked to Cinciș. An artifical lake created by a dam a few kilometers south of Hunedoara.

My driver brought me to Motel Cinciș. He said it’s the best place for a view on the lake. I had a coffee on the terrace of Motel Cinciș.

Lake Cinciș south of Hunedoara in Transylvania, Romania.
View on lake Cinciș from the terrace of an original named motel: Motel Cinciș.