Relax at the beach in Pasikuda

We thought it would be a good idea to spend at least one day at one of the beaches on the east coast of Sri Lanka. In this time of the year (September) the ocean is much calmer here than on the west coast. We had just spent one week on the island and thought it would be ideal to have a calm day to recover a little.

We picked Pasikuda beach as our destination on the east coast. Our driver dropped us at our bungalow (Ashram accommodations) from where we could walk to the beach in less than 10 minutes.

The south end of the Pasikuda beach.

There are mainly resorts along Pasikuda beach and the sad thing is locals aren’t allowed on the beach or ocean in front of these resorts.

Locals are only allowed on a very small part of the Pasikuda beach.

We walked on the beach towards the other end of the Pasikuda bay and had a few breaks for a dive in the ocean and another break for a fresh coconut at one of the beach bars of the resorts.

The tourists are either at home, or they prefer the swimming pool of the resort as the entire  ‘tourist-only’ beach was empty.

While we enjoyed the fresh king coconut, we watched how workers set up a wedding arch with flowers.

Were we going to end up on a wedding today?

Wedding arch at the Pasikuda beach, Sri Lanka
Wedding arch at the Pasikuda beach.

The wedding arch was not even finished yet as we suddenly heared drum beats  coming from behind us. Traditionally dressed percussionists accompanied by Kandyan dancers slowely approached the wedding arch.

Traditional Kandyan dancers performing at a wedding ceremony on Pasikuda beach. East coast, Sri Lanka
Traditional Kandyan dancers performing at a wedding ceremony on Pasikuda beach.

Behind them was the bride. Surprisingly not a native! Now we also realised that the people watching this event were not related to the couple at all. Just other tourists like us. At least half of the people. The other half were part of the film crew.

This is how instagram weddings are made!

An Instagram wedding on the beach…

When we noticed there wouldn’t be free booze for us, we continued our stroll along the beach towards colorful fishing boats laying on the beach.

Colorful fishing boats on the north side of the Pasikuda beach.

We returned to home where our dinner was served. Slightly different than most of the dinners we had so far as the owners of the accomodation are tamils. We absolutely loved this tamil dinner. Delicious!

The next morning, our driver took us to a restaurant nearby for lunch. I believe is was called Denis Beer Shop. They serve some basic pub food but do know how to spice things up.

After lunch we started the long bumpy drive towards Kandy. About halfway the road, we got stopped by road police for speeding. There was only a few kilometers of road were speeding was actually possible.

Now we had to drive first to the nearest post office so our driver could pay the fine before we could continue our trip.

We lost a lot of time with those police men but our driver still wanted to take us to  the Maha Oya Hot Water Springs. We had no idea what to expect. There is a small entrance fee to enter the area. Changing cabins are available but nobody actually get changed as the water is way too hot to bath anyway. However, it’s a very popular spot for the locals.

Maha Oya Hot Water Springs. The springs with the highest temperature on Sri Lanka.

The last challenge we got for our driver was to get us to the Eagles Rest Homestay in Kandy. This homestay was a treasure on it’s own. I thought they named it because of the high altitude and the view on the area but they actually adopted a wounded eagle!

Dahaata Wanguwa viewpoint after taking 18 hairpin bends on the Kandy – Mahiyangana road.

Today was our last day with our rented car incl. driver. Tomorrow morning we’ll try to get on the famous train towards Ella!