Arrival in Negombo


Our plane arrived early morning in the international airport of Negombo. A city 40km north of Colombo. To have a fresh start of our trip, we first headed to a guest house to have at least a few hours of sleep. A taxi driver charged as expected way too much, but you just want to go to bed as fast as possible after almost twenty hours of travelling from Belgium to Sri Lanka.

After a few hours of sleep and a Sri Lankan breakfast, we headed into the city center of Negombo. We bought a big umbrella at headed to the lagoon where you can see fishermen unloading their catch.

Fishing boats in Negombo. Sri Lanka.
Fishing boats in Negombo.
Fishermen unloading their catch in Negombo, Sri Lanka
Fishermen unloading their catch in Negombo

The busy life in the city center scared us a little bit, so we decided to find a calmer area where we could have a lunch. Therefor we headed to the beach area north of the town. We took a tuk tuk and told him to bring us to a restaurant near the beach.

Colorful statues of hindu gods on the Kali Amman Temple in Negombo, Sri Lanka
Colorful statues of hindu gods on the Kali Amman Temple in Negombo

While on the road with the tuk tuk, our driver told us he gives tours in the town. As an example, he stopped at two temple on our way to the restaurant so we could make a photo if desired.

He asked only 350 rupees to get us from the lagoon to a restaurant at the beach. Although it was a big restaurant, we were the only customers. Lada had a huge portion of rice with several curries while I took a fresh grilled fish.

From the restaurant we headed to the beach. All that was needed here for was to walk out from the back side.

Fishing boat on the beach in Negombo, Sri Lanka
Fishing boat on the beach in Negombo

Our next step was to pick up our luggage at the guesthouse and head towards the train station to catch a train to Colombo where we would only spend the night to catch another train in the morning towards Kandy.

I must say, if you aren’t really planning to visit Colombo, you might want to check the direct bus from Negombo to Kandy. Or if you will be using a car with driver, to have your a driver pick you up in Negombo. It’s just a waste of time to get the train to Colombo, then to a hotel, then back to the train station the next morning. Also, the train from Kandy to Ella is always fully packed and for the best views form the train you’ll have to wait anyway for the track between Kandy and Ella, which we planned to do in the second half of our journey in Sri Lanka.

Anyway, we had to wait a long time for the next train from Negombo to Colombo and arrived after 8pm. We dropped our luggage in a cheap hostel and went to the Galle Face Green for a late night stroll along the street food stalls and underneith the kites flying high above our heads.