Santa Cruz – Machico

Elise and I had the same flight from Lisbon to Funchal. We missed our flight in the morning so we had to reschedule our flight and take the evening flight. (+80€/ticket)

Strong wind caused failed landing attempt so we had to fly around a little longer. Finally we arrived at airport on Madeira around 9pm.

We had to wait for the “odd sized luggage” carrier to get our backpack. Backpacks with a lot of belts get a special treatment for transport.

From the airport we walked in western direction towards Santa Cruz. In Santa Cruz we tried to orientate ourselves on the map but didn’t succeed very well… Luckily, we got some help. A man pointed our exact location on the map and even told us where we could find a camping spot. We just started walking again when a car stopped next to us. The same man who just helped us was now offering us a ride to the camping spot! I guess we must have looked very exhausted 🙂

Five minutes later we arrived at Parque de Merandes. There was still a very strong wind. Our driver told us that this part of the island has strong wind all year round. There is a water source, benches and BBQ houses. Toilets were closed.

The next day we headed to Machico where Lieven would meet us in the evening. The path that was marked on my map to go to Machico wasn’t maintained very well. We decided to return to Parque de Merandes and took the road to get to Machico.

We had a break in the sport bar. I had a coffee and the bartender even gave me three local liquors.
Licor de beirao, a Portuguese drink, some sugar cane brandy and of course Madeiras famous Poncha.
This Poncha was made of the sugar cane brandy mixed with lemon juice, honey and vanilla.

We were following sign boards “cemetery” when we suddenly arrived at a viewpoint over the bay of Machico. A path called “Caminho das Voltinhas” goes directly to the Machico from here.

We had to stay close to Machico so Lieven could find us when his plane lands. We started climbing up to Pico do Facho. A small hill on the east side of Machico. The random path we took up the hill soon disappeared and we had to find our own way up. Occasionally, we crossed some little fields where locals grow there vegetables. Unfortunately, it got too dangerous the higher we went and we had to return all the way to Machico.

We returned to the beach where we waited for Lieven to arrive. Once he arrived we went once again to Pico do Facho. This time we took the official path and walk up until we reached a road.

Just across the road we pitched our tent(s). There should have been two tents, but one of them wasn’t complete so all three of us had to fit in my little two-person tent. Cosy!

Detailed map of our trip from the airport to Santa Cruz and from Santa Cruz to Machico with Pico do Facho.