Ribeira da Janela

Our first task today was to prepare a luxury breakfast for ourselves. Unfortunately without pudding. Next, we parted with the owner of the hostel. At least we assume he was the owner since we don’t speak Portuguese.

The first part of our trip today wasn’t very appealing. A very steep road circles up the hill behind Porto Moniz. Not the best warming up. At lease we got some nice views over Porto Moniz.

We all managed to reach Lamaceiros. The village has an altitude of 416m. So I think we just climbed 350m. In Lamaceiros, at the levada house next to a big water tank starts the Levada Ribeira da Janela. According to google maps, it’s 2.8km from the hostel to the levada house.

An information board tells us it takes another 25km to reach Fonte do Bispo. Our goal of today!

After approximately 90 mintues of walking, we reached the first tunnel. The tunnel is long, narrow and slippery. A flashlight is required. Be prepared for showers inside the tunnel!

All this beautiful scenery must have distracted very well. We didn’t notice how far we got already and just kept walking along the levada. Suddenly the levada ended and the path didn’t continue anymore. Here we realized we were walking back in the direction of Porto Moniz. Apparently, we had crossed the valley and were walking on the other side of the river.

We returned the same path until we reached the signs on the picture below. We did noticed the signs the first time, but not the stairs.

This path should take us all the way up to Fonte do Bispo. We were told the climb would take at least two hours. I don’t know what hour final time was, but it’s a long climb! Unfortunately, this path isn’t very attractive for walking. Very few views and just the same wide forest road all the way.

As so many times in life, we didn’t really got a choice.

Finally we had reached the top. Cows were welcoming us. Even the bull came to say hello while we were pitching the tent in his field.

We ate some leftovers of yesterdays lunch and finally we also had Madeiras typical drink: Poncha!