Pico do Arieiro – Pico Ruivo – Boca da Encumeada

We had breakfast while the sun was rising and the shadows in the valleys were fading out. Today we got the highest peak of Madeira served on the menu. Pico Ruivo. Two possible routes are available from Pico do Arieiro: The tunnel route or the longer and more demanding Pico das Torres route.

In 1999 a man died on the tunnel route after a landslide had made the tunnel route dangerous. Then the tunnel route was closed for some years and one had to do the Pico das Torres route. In 2008 the tunnel route was reopened and we can confirm that the path is now safe.

Warning: Later on this day we’ve experienced that even though everything looks safe, it never will be safe in the mountains.

The above picture is the example of how something can turn out very badly in the mountains. Only a few moments after this picture was taken, a big rock fell on top of tent on the right. It was one of the best things that could happen at this moment. Else we wouldn’t have repositioned the tent and it might have fallen during the night.

A bit shocked of the idea, we finished our food and called it a night.