Mimosa Valley

After our first night with the three of us in one little tent, we packed our stuff together and headed to the Canical tunnel. From this point, a levada goes all the way to Maroços (12km). Halfway there is a bar from where the levada, and our path, continues through the Mimosa Valley.

The Levada takes hikers on a fascinating journey of discovery of the cultures and traditions of Madeira. The beautiful landscapes of this route are mainly composed of agricultural land and crops carefully worked, complemented with views over the city of Machico. (Source)

Along the way you can observe the residents in their usual tasks, treating their lands or animals.

As soon as you see houses, it’s good to know there will probably also be a little fountain with drinkable water. At our first fountain, we also met two other hikers from Belgium. We didn’t know here yet, but we would still meet Freija and Nico multiple times.