25 Fontes

Not one car drove on the street next to our camping spot since we woke up, had breakfast and packed the tent. That wasn’t a good sign because we planned to hitchhike to our next stop. We wanted to go to Rabaçal, where there is a must-visit-when-you-are-in-madeira nature wonder. IT’s called 25 Fontes.

With very little hope we started walking into the direction of Rabaçcal. You can’t believe how surprised we where when we heard a car coming closer only ten minutes later. The car even stopped and brought us directly to Rabaçcal!

They were also visiting the 25 Fontes. We had to park the car at the car parking and descend the road on foot for a half hour to reach a little house and picnic spot. From here there are different walks available and multiple can be combined but most visitors take the path directly to 25 Fontes.

I had no idea what to expect this natural wonder but apparently, 25 Fontes is waterfall. The name of the waterfall is actually Cascada do Risco. 25 Fontes is the name of the whole. It includes the Cascada do Risco and the multiple little water streams falling of the rocks.

We arrived at the waterfall early in the morning, so we were alone at the waterfall. Unfortunately, there was no sun yet either.
A first tourist bus must have dropped its passengers while we were down at the waterfall. The other tourists didn’t make our way back more easy. The path is too narrow to allow people to pass each other. I was happy to arrive at the picnic house.

Our initial plan was to get back up the mountain where the car parking was. From there we would catch a ride to Calheti. In Calheti we would take the bus to Funchal. It was the driver of the tourist shuttle bus (car parking <-> picnic house) who gave us a nice alternative route.

He told us we could take the tunnel to cross the mountain. It’s starts just behind the picnic house and is the longest tunnel we have seen on Madeira. Also the biggest so it was easier to walk through with our backpacks.

There aren’t really surprises in the tunnel so if you aren’t afraid of the dark you could probably do it without flashlight, but it’s recommended though.

To reach Estrela da Calheta where the last bus leaves arounds 5pm, we still had to walk a while from the exit of the tunnel. We did decide to take a small detour to walk along the levada for the last time during our stay on Madeira.

Once arrived at the bus stop, there was still time for an ice cream. The bus trip still showed us the coast line where a lot of banana fields can be seen. Once in Funchal, we bought some souvenirs and booked a night in a cheap hotel.

I was happy we still had such a nice last day on Madeira.

How else could we end our trip to Madeira completely than to have a nice dinner. The woman at the hotel recommended us Restaurante Arsenios. Not the cheapest option, but food was ok 🙂

I hope I gave you a true impression of Madeira. If you decide to visit Madeira, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.