Treskavec – From Marko’s towers in Prilep to Treskavec Monastery

Last night we slept in our tent on the slopes of Marko’s Towers just outside Prilep. Today we will do one of the hikes from out Bradt guide book for Macedonia. From Marko’s towers to the famous Treskavec monastery.

The walk described in out Bradt guide book starts at a rock with the shape of an elephant. We don’t have so much imaginiation but somehow we saw elephants everywhere. I swear we only had one beer yesterday at the Prilep beer festival.

So for all of you, looking for the elephant rock, remember this image:

By ГП (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
When you found this rock, look up to the cross and start climbing.

Climbing marko's towers a short but steep hike just outside Prilep.
The frontal approach of Marko’s towers.

We spent a little too much time and effort on finding this frontal path. So we were already exhausted before the real work had to start.

The steep part is over. The higher we get, the more the city of Prilep rises behind us.

The trail is marked with red and white paint but you’ve got to find your own way up at the first part climbing several large rocks. Once you get at the bottom of the first ruined tower, the path is obvious and takes you to the other side of the hill. From here you can enter the ruines and make a final climb up to the cross.

Oposite view from the highest point. Can you spot Lada resting in the shadow of the ruined tower?
View from the highest point of Marko’s Towers on the side of the city of Prilep.
Nothing but stunning views on every side. Definitely worth the effort.
Looking back on Marko’s towers after we started the 8km hike towards the famous Treskavec monastery.
The beginning of the trail towards Treskavec monastery starting behind Marko’s towers.
Marko’s towers is already far behind but we can still see the cross rising on top of that small hill in the background.
The trail goes over a steep flat rock where a solid chain gives you the needed support.
Treskavec monastery near Prilep in Macedonia.
The wonderful monastery of Treskavec.
Inside view on the entrance gate of the monastery site of Treskavec monastery.
The rock formations around the monastery of Treskavec are typical for the region around Prilep.