Brazda and Millennium Cross

Time to pick up our rental car, leave Skopje and discover all of Macedonia! Only one problem… When we went to pick up our car at the office of ABC rent a car, they simply told us that my reservation had been cancelled and they don’t have a car for us.

Luckily we found a man in hotel Ibis who arranged a car for us. Half hour later the manager of +389 70 35 93 55 brought us to his office and we closed the deal. We have been finally able to leave Skopje with a small delay in our shiny red Skoda Fabia.

Our first stop was Brazda. A small village in picturesque surroundings. Here we would find the remainings of Stone Age and early antique Skopje.


Unfortunately – correctly stated in our Bradt guide book – very little remains of this. Only the above tomb is clearly visisble. A bit disappointed we headed to the nearby restaurant Cardak. Let’s say we soon forgot all the trouble from the morning 🙂DSC_7285 DSC_7292

Fun fact: Largest restaurants can be found in the smallest villages. The above meals will become a habit when travelling in Macedonia.

Orthodox church of the Sveti Ilija monastery near Skopje in Macedonia.
Orthodox church of the Sveti Ilija monastery near Skopje in Macedonia.

The restaurant Cardak was build just next to this little church. I don’t know who was first though.


We bought some supplies in Skopje for the next two days. We had a hike planned from the Millenium cross to the famous Matka canyon. We parked our car at the parking area near Vodno hotel. There is also a large picnic area with a small shop. The elevator to Vodno Cross works goes up every half hour for exactly one half hour. So if you are in a hurry, it’s best to immediately go straight to the elevator to see if its working or ask when it will start again.


The view on Skopje from the cabins is fabulous.


The Millenium cross / Vodno cross is not a big surprise to see when reaching the top. It’s visible from everywhere in Skopje and around. Obviously, it looks more massive when standing at its foot.


One of the hikes in our Bradt travel guide book describes the route from Vodno cross to the famous Matka canyon. I recommend to leave just like us in the late afternoon from Vodno cross.


It’s only a small walk following the red and white marks to a lookout tower. From here you can already see the Matka canyon in the distance.

From the tower, the path is mainly wide and easy to follow. Except one place where we made a mistake of going straight towards an abandoned army garage because it caught our view. However, we shouldn’t have done that as the marked trail just continued straight to the forest instead of heading left to those army garages.

Unaware of our mistake we walked almost half hour further without finding any marks. We returned to the garages where we noticed our mistake. We decided to camp there and continue tomorrow early in the morning.