Mother Armenia

After a delicious breakfast prepared by the mother of Anush, we left again to Yerevan to explore the city a little more.

We went to Victoria Park. This park is known for the enormous statue of Mother Armenia. Mother Armenia is the female personification of Armenia. It reminds the viewers of some of the prominent female figures in Armenian history.

From Victoria Park, we walked down the Cascade to the city center instead of taking a taxi. Last night we walked the cascade up in the dark. It was nice to walk on it now in the other direction during daylight. Unfortunately, the Cascade only covers half of the hill. The upper part is one big construction site that hasn’t changed for years. Probably a lack of money, prevents the completions of the building. Inside the Cascade is a museum for modern arts and also an elevator!

Once descended we went looking for a place where they have good Shawarma. It looks a bit like a döner kebab but wrapped in delicious Armenian lavash (flat bread). Because food never looks as good as it tastes, I did not took a photo.

Just outside the Shawarma shop there was a little Vernissage for paintings. Painters are sitting together in small groups waiting for customers.

That day the Armenian national football team U21 was playing against Kazakhstan. It was the debut of Anush friend as the goalkeeper so we took place in a sports bar to watch the game. Armenia won!

When the game was finished and our beer empty, we walked to Lovers Park. A small park with many little paths between the small grass fields and over little water canals.

In the evening we joined a couchsurf meeting in a bar where I met my host for the night. He would host me in his house together with a traveling couple from Italy.