From Tatev to Kapan

Before the sun rose, I woke up to find a good spot to make a photograph of the Tatev Monastery with the light of the sunrise. There was some morning fog that makes the photos just a little bit more mysterious. Even though I was still tired, it was beautiful to see the sun rise with this view.

When I returned to the tents, Mikhail was making coffee. (Mikhail is a Russian hitchhiker who I picked up the day before. We ended up camping together around Tatev Monastery) When our coffee was finished and we packed the tents and our sleeping gear, we drove back towards Goris.

In the deepest part of the Vorotan gorge, I can advice everyone to stop and walk the path with stairs a bit more into the valley. There you can find the Devil’s Bridge. This natural miracle was formed over hundreds of years through the warm mineral waters. Below the bridge is a spectacular stalactite cave.

The water wasn’t really hot, but it was definitely not cold. Perfect start for the day.

Soon after I passed the city of Goris, where I also dropped Mikhail, I entered the most incredible scenery I have ever seen. The road takes you through the valleys and over many mountain summits. It’s a hell for driving, but if you take some time to enjoy the scenery and have a rest, you’ll like it. The next pictures shows you a part of the track.

Just before reaching Kapan, I was surprised by the view of a lake. It’s not mentioned in my guide-book although it looks nice. When I searched for information I found out why. It’s actually a tailing or mine dump. It’s where materials left over after the process of separating the valuable fraction from the uneconomic fraction of an ore are dumped. It’s polluted and affects the whole environment and population of nearby cities.

A little bit later I reached Kapan.

I’m exhausted of the long and crazy drive so I book a cheap hotel room in Hotel Lernagorts. Friendly staff at the hotel. I do some shopping in the city and make an appointment with the director of Shikahogh State Reserve for the next morning.

But most of the late afternoon I’m laying on my bed to recover of the long and hard drive from Goris to Kapan.

I hope to leave the city soon tomorrow. The nature suits me more 🙂

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