Wenduine – De Haan – Bredene

Our start of a new long distance trail in Belgium. The GR 5a. We picked Wenduine as our start and headed towards Oostende as our goal for today. Let’s see how far we get!

View through the trees on the coastal town De Haan with the North Sea in the background.

Paelsteenpanne. A protected nature reserve in the valley created by dunes. One of the dunes here is the dunes is the Spanjaardduin. One of the heighest dunes on the Belgian coast.

So we’ve made it only to Bredene. Oostende will be for the next time.

The good thing about this part of the trail is the coastal tram can easily bring you back to the start.

Did you know that the belgian coast tram has the longest tram line in the world?