Viggo’s coffee bar

On Sunday, most coffee barss only open their doors at 11am. A bit late if you ask me. Luckily Viggo’s coffee bar was open at 10am. Appaerently coffee people arent’t early birds. We arrived around half past ten at Viggo’s coffee bar.
Just too late for the best places in the design couch behind the huge glass windows but we might have stayed there all day otherwise.

Lada had a chai latte and I finally tried a single origin filter coffee from Ethiopia. Together we also shared some American pancakes with bananas and maple syrup.

It was still calm at Viggo’s coffee bar. The staff explained us how different filters can be used to get different tastes of the same coffee. I also learned ‘V60’ is not a brand of coffee but just a type of coffee filter! Appareantly, my coffee was made with a Kalita filter instead of the classical V60.

For us, it was a great start of our Sunday in Antwerp!

A filter coffee at Viggo's coffee bar in Antwerp
A filter coffee at Viggo’s coffee bar in Antwerp