Paris, Je t’aime

Paris. Still my favorite city trip destination. I’ve been in Paris several times now, and its diversity keeps surprising me.

Until now, there was only one thing I didn’t like in Paris. Finding a restaurant at the end of an exhausting – but still pleasurable and rewarding – day in Paris.

How do you find a good restaurant in Paris? I know it’s cliche, but I don’t want to stay in typical tourist spots where you get a three course dinner for only 10 – 15 euros. If you are one a very tight budget, that might be your only choice if you don’t want McDo.

My advice?

  1. Get lost.
  2. Look for a French only menu. Use your travel dictionary or smartphone for translations.
  3. Don’t enter a restaurant when someone asks you to do so. Try the restaurant next door instead.

That’s how we finally arrived in “Le Centre du Monde”.

Three course meal for 25 euro. I would already go back there just to taste my delicious dessert, Pain perdu brioché et glace, again.

It was only a short visit to Paris, so not a lot of time to take pictures. While walking from the Tour Eiffel to the Notre Dame, I did take a few.