When I return from a trip, I want to be able to tell something about the entire country or region. My holidays are limited so Romania remained on my shelve. It’s simple too huge to visit in just a few weeks. Until I recently discovered a guidebook about a smaller region in Romania. Transylvania.

In Transylvania, you’ll find both Saxon and medieval towns blessed with wonderful castles or fortified churches. The mountain scenery is simply stunning while the rural landscape in the valleys is rather charming. You won’t come back disappointed from a trip to Transylvania, except if you went looking for Dracula.

My ten days turned out to short to truly visit the region and actually enjoy the time but at least it has been a wonderful introduction to Romania. An introduction that requires more visits in the future. Soon or later.

I hope you like my journal and photos below, I’ll be glad to help you build your itinerary or answer your questions. Just get in touch with me.

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