It’s our last day in Georgia but we still need to see Vardzia. One of the must see sites in Georgia. We already saw a glimpse of Vardzia last night but the heavy rainfall and the dark clouds prevented me of taking good pictures. Fortunately, the weather is again good today.

We spend the night in a family run guesthouse in Tmogvi. You could also call this place a thermal farm. A water installation drills deep in the ground and gets hot water several baths owned by the owners of the guesthouse.

No wonder so many people were around the house last night. It’s a wellness center!

Before we took our morning bath, I made some pictures of the main house and the bathhouses.

Bath time! The woman brought us to another bath than last night. It’s bigger, but a little less hot. Still feels amazing after more two weeks of traveling.

After the bath, I made a photo with the woman running this place together with most of the children.

When I showed my photos, the woman brought us to another building where we found some better looking baths. I had to take some pictures there as well. But I’m happy to make some extra advertisement for this place. It’s really wonderful.
I think for these baths you have to pay extra. Although she never gave us the option get access to this bath. When I’ll be back, I’ll have to ask more about the different facilities.

Time to move on and finally see this famous cave monastery complex of Vardzia. It’s a impressive site where the caves stretch along the cliff for some five hundred metres and in up to nineteen tiers.

We parked at the parking in front of the cafe and bought our entrance tickets. A small climb brought us up the cliff, along and in the caves. The Church of the Dormition is probably the most important part. Carved like the other caves from the rock with its walls reinforced in stone.

There no site of interest left in Georgia for us. Except for the landscapes along the road that will always be fascinating for me. This photo will be the last one made in Georgia. At least for this year. Georgia is on top of my list of favorite countries. A must see.