Sunset in Tbilisi

It’s the last day for Anush in Tbilisi. In the afternoon she’ll go back to Yerevan. We decided to go to Mtatsminda Amusement Park. Although the big wheel of the park is clearly visible from everywhere in Tbilisi, it’s a far longer road to reach the park by road.

At the entrance of the park you’ll have to buy an electronic card. You can charge this card with money to use on the attractions in the park. I wouldn’t charge to much money at once, since not all attractions might be open. In general the park isn’t very spectacular, but you do get a nice view from the top of the big wheel in the park.

We finished our visit to the park with a spooky dark ride. We drove back to Tbilisi where Anush had reserved a seat in one of the cars driving dayly to Yerevan. I would see her again in about two weeks when I’ll be in Yerevan myself as well.

So, I’m back on my own. Only for a few hours however. Lieven, a friend from Belgium, is joining me for the coming two weeks. I need to pick him up tonight at the airport. So I could walk around in Tbilisi a few more hours. Accidentally, I found one of the best areas in Tbilisi to visit just before sunset.

I started at Avlabari Square and took the little street on the opposite side that goes down in the direction of the river. At the end you go right. (Although there is a panorama view just 20m left) It bends to the right where some souvenir shops can be found. I kept walking down this street until the street bends to the right. I saw an interesting entrance. I wasn’t sure if I could enter the gate, but no one stopped me when I did. I discovered a small fort and a church in the middle. Apparently, it once served as a king’s residence. This part of Tbilisi was one of the earliest inhabited areas on the city’s territory. It’s named Metekhi and literally means “the area around the palace”.

There is a lovely park with great view on the old town of Tbilisi and the Narikala fortress!

I walked down to the bridge to go to the old town. You can see the cable car and the Peace bridge while crossing the Mtkvari river.

Once at the central square of the old town, I walked left and walked up the slope underneath the Narikala fortress from there. It’s a maze of very little alleys and long, small stairs and colorful houses with wooden balconies.

At the top you can find a bar with view on the old town, the Mtkvari river with Peace Bridge, Metekhi, Holy Trinity Church, …

I don’t know how exactly I found my way through the maze of little alleys between the houses. Suddenly I arrived at a small square. There is a church and a smaller chapel. The information board taught me it was Saint Bethlehem Church.

It’s the best place I’ve seen in Tbilisi. If you go behind the church, you can walk up to the statue of Mother of Georgia and the Narikala fortress. I walked up half way and got myself a great spot to watch the sunset.

Later at night I picked up my friend Lieven from the airport. I had booked a cheap room in a hotel but when we arrived the reception was already closed. So we searched another place. (Caravan Hostel, Kandelaki Street 41) Big, clean and cosy rooms with a friendly owner. (No English unfortunately)

It would be our last bed and shower for a long time. Since we are heading into the wild starting tomorrow!