Sno valley

This morning we woke up with the sound of grazing cows around our tent.

First visit today was the church and the watchtower in Sioni. The watchtower is one the many watchtowers along the Georgian Military Highway.

Next stop is Juta town from where we’ll make another walk higher into the mountains. To reach Juta, we leave the Georgian Military Highway in Sno village and drive all the way through Sno valley. Again a wonderful wide valley.

Finally we reached the small village Juta. The authenticity of this little village has changed since a hotel was build immediately at the entrance of the village. You can’t miss it in this small village. The prices in the hotel are a little expensive as well. We just had a coffee there and started walking further up the valley from Juta.

Not much higher there is a small camping where coffee is even more expensive than in the hotel. Still it’s a good place to have your base camp. The path continues on the left side of the river. The beginning in very steep, but soon it becomes an easy walk through the valley. Our eyes were all the time pointed at the big massive mountain in front of us were the valley seems to make a turn to the left. There is a nice waterfall just where the valley turns, but unfortunately no nice views. Therefor we would have to hike longer but time was running out for us in this valley.

So we walked back to Juta where we had parked the car and drove back to the Georgian Military Highway. We are going straight to Stepantsminda.

Stepantsminda is a slightly bigger town with shops, some restaurants and homestays. Owners of homestays will offer their accommodation to tourists on their arrival. We bought some food and drinks and charged our phone in the local pharmacy.
When we had enough rest, we started driving to the Gergeti Trinity Church. Located high above Stepantsminda. We were warned about the difficult road leading there but we need to see everything ourselves before we’ll believe it. So not much later we ended up avoiding huge potholes on a forest dirt road.

Luckily the road wasn’t too long and we reached the church before dark. What a stunning place! Unfortunately, the weather conditions didn’t really allow great photos. We found a flat area for the tent and after we attended a ceremony in the church, we went to sleep. Hoping for better light conditions tomorrow morning to photograph the Gergeti Trinity Church and the Kazbegi mountain. Of the last one I can already give a small preview with the photo below.