My last full day in Tusheti. I left The Green House in the early morning. It was just 7am when I reached the pass at the top of Omalo. Beautiful view with the sun rising over lower Omalo.

The path to Dartlo isn’t very spectacular, but I did enjoyed the walk. Especially the fresh morning air and the low sun made it a pleasant walk. I just loved the deep shadows on the mountains drawn by the low position of the sun.

The path is easy, but long… Fortunately, it mostly goes down. The path has to cross the river at some point. And indeed, the river became audible and there was the bridge. I didn’t cross the bridge immediately. Instead, I took a small path left before the bridge to get a better view on Dartlo.

I avoided the most obvious hotel/restaurant and found a small cafe in one of the little alleys of the village. I was the only customer. When I had finished my lunch, I met some Russian people who went fishing in the river. I joined them for an hour when I realized they didn’t knew how to fish. I didn’t knew either, so I couldn’t help them and decided to start walking back to Omalo.

For the first climb I managed again to catch a ride. It wasn’t the most comfortable one, but it saved me a lot of valuable time in Tusheti. In the early afternoon I arrived back in Omalo. After I had some rest, Shota took me for a small walk in Omalo. I thought I had seen Omalo already since I was living there for three days now and it’s really small, but apparently I missed one part of the village.

I wasn’t planning to stay all the time at the same base camp in Tusheti. Luckily I met the right people to change my mind. The Green House is really a perfect basecamp to explore Tusheti. I was happy to have a place to come home in these mountains. There was good company in the evenings and I didn’t had to take care of food. I really miss the life at The Green House in Omalo.