Borjomi National Park

After our dinner in Borjomi last night, we returned all the way to the Green Monastery to find a place where we could camp. We got some company of dogs in the morning but luckily they didn’t do any harm. Now we had to find the entrance of the Borjomi National Park to start our one day hike. This wasn’t easy. There is only a tiny sign that tells you where you need to leave the main road. The sign is at the river side of the road while we were looking all the time at the other side of the road. We had passed it many times and had to ask it once again in the National Park Administration Center before we finally saw the sign and could leave the main road to discover Borjomi National Park.

Borjomi National Park map with hiking trails

There aren’t many options for a single day hike so we would start route nr.1 in Likani and then took route nr.6 to QvabisKhevi. Here we caught a ride to get back to our car in Likani. It’s a lovely route but it’s doesn’t get high enough to offer many views on the surrounding park. A multi day hike is definitely recommended here!

We got back to our car and had a look at the map of our Bradt travel guide book to see what we could do next.
There was a choice for the secondary road through Bakuriani and visit the picturesque lake village Tabatskuri. But we took the primary road along Akhaltsikhe and then head towards Akhalkalaki.

At 44km from Akhaltsikhe we left to main road to get closer to Vardzia. A cave monastery complex. It was getting dark already when we arrived in Vardzia with heavy rainfall.

We found a guesthouse in Tmogvi, a small village a few km before Vardzia. We were welcomed with open arms by a woman running this guesthouse. This place is mainly known by locals who come hereto enjoy the thermal mineral baths.

When we got ourselves a bed (there a big choice of beds and rooms in the house) we were happy to finally try these hot baths ourselves!

You’ll find out more about these baths, our guesthouse and the guest family in my next post. The picture above should give you already a small impression.