Arrival in Tbilisi

Last night I got a bed in the kitchen of the house of Shotas family. In the morning there dog was laying in front of the door. I had to go to the toilet but didn’t dare to pass the dog since I’m still not fully recovered of my negative dog experience in Georgia. So I waited for somebody to wake up and make the route to the toilet safe ๐Ÿ™‚

For breakfast we had the leftovers of the Khinkali of last night. It’s just a perfect breakfast for me. I just love the Georgian Khinkali.
After breakfast I had to take the marshrutka to Tbilsi. At 2pm I had an appointment with my car rental company (Caravan) in front of the Europe-T hotel where I had a booked a room for that night.

I had chosen for Caravan as rental car company. An Armenian company based in Yerevan. Not only would they bring my favorite car, Lada Niva, from Yerevan to Tbilisi, they would also bring my favorite Armenian friend, Anush ๐Ÿ™‚ She would join me for a few days in Georgia. If you want to know how I met Anush and why she’s my favorite Armenian friend, have a look at my journey in Armenia last summer.

So I arrived in Tbilisi and took the metro to get close to the hotel. I still had time to take a shower at the hotel before the car and Anush arrived.

Once the administration for the car was finished, Anush and me drove to the center of Tbilisi. For me it’s still weird to take the car to visit the center of the capital city. I’m afraid to get stuck in traffic jams and to drive hours to find parking space. Well, all of that is nonsense in these countries. You can just find plenty of free parking space everywhere in the center. Traffic isn’t a problem either. They drive a bit crazier than we do, but if you drive slow you can get everywhere safe and even fast!

We parked our car close to the Sameba Holy Trinity Cathedral and walked down to the river from there. We took the Baratashvili Bridge Pass to get on the other side of the river. Not really recommended because of the smell… Keep left on the other side of the river and walk away from the river. There is a nice street with bars and cafes and the Anchiskhati Church.

When we arrived in the center of the old town of Tiblisi, we walked over the beautiful peace bridge and crossed the river a second time. On the other side of the Peace Bridge is a small park and fountains. Every evening there is a small show with the fountains.

We walked through the small park and decided to take the cable car to get to the top of the old town and cross the river for the third time. Here I would also like to introduce you to my friend Anush ๐Ÿ™‚

We ended our first night in Tbilisi with a dinner in the lovely old town of Tbilisi. At the end of our dinner we experienced a general blackout in the whole city. No electricity for about three hours in the whole city! Luckily we managed to find back our car in this city and even drove safely back to our hotel. Tomorrow we’ll make a small excursion to the famous monasteries of David Gareja.