GR129 – Across Belgium

The GR129 is one of the many long distance hiking routes in Europe. The GR129 is also known as ‘Across Belgium’ (Dutch: Dwars door Belgie; French: La Belgique en diagonale).

The total length of the path is almost 600km and goes all the way from Bruges in the North West to Arlon in the South East of Belgium. The last part of this trail was only recently added in 2012.

The three main parts are:

  • Brugge – Ronse / Renaix: 118 km
  • Ronse / Renaix – Dinant: 189 km (?)
  • Dinant – Arlon: 254km

Currently, I’ve only completed the last part, the GR129 sud.

Click below to see the complete photo journal of the GR129 sud.