Geutelingen. The revival of an old tradition.

It old started with the Catholic feast of Saint Apollonia. Saint Apollonia is the patron saint of dentists. People came on a pilgrimage to the church to heal their toothache. The people came from far away, and needed food when they arrived and finished their prayings. Since they cannot eat everything with their tootache, the locals prepared something in between a waffle and a pancake. Called ‘Geutelingen’.
They say that the geuteling confers year-long immunity to toothache.

Elst is called the village of the Geutelingen. There is a small museum where they show – only in winter – how the Geutelingen are baked in the oven. You might even get a chance to try it yourself.

The oven to bake Geutelingen. Geutelingenpad in Elst - Brakel - Vlaamse Ardennen - ZwalmstreekThe traditional oven where the Geutelingen are baked in Elst.

Inside the oven it’s about 300 degrees. Not something you’ll be able to do in your home kitchen!

If you are (un)lucky, you’ll have to take a short course and demonstrate yourself how to bake a ‘Geuteling’.

Our friend Marie was able to handle the hot temperatures coming out of the oven and got her certificate.
Eating the famous Geutelingen in Elst. Geutelingenpad in Elst - Brakel - Vlaamse Ardennen - Zwalmstreek
However, the proof of the pudding is in the eating! Delicious!

The Geutelingen are only available around the feast of Saint Apollonia.  Starting halfway January until beginning of March.

The ovenmuseum is located  in Ommegangstraat 3 in Elst.

Definitely make a walk through the hilly surroundings of Elst while you are there. There are multiple marked trails around. We did the ‘Geutelingen trail’.

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