Stolen camera in Paris

In the summer of 2015, my Nikon D700 together with the 24-70 lens got stolen in Paris. I managed to turn in the accomplice, who distracted me while his friend stole my camera. Unfortunately, according to the police he did not commit any crime.

So goodbye 3000 euro.

My friends suggested I could organize a benefit or bake some waffles or cupcakes. A good idea, I would definitely get some money back.
But how much can you charge your friends for a waffle?

I had to find another plan that wouldn’t make my friends cover the costs for the new camera.

What about advertisement on this webpage?

Plenty of payed ads are available but I don’t really want to throw them all in your face.

So I picked just twoo advertisements. If you don’t use any addblocker you should see them below.

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I hope you enjoy your next travel!

Thanks for supporting my work.

* since bottles of wine can not be send through PayPal, a certain amount in EURO will be send to my account instead