First Turkish shop of Ghent

A while ago I made a photograph of a Turkish woman in front of her shop near Baudelo in Ghent. I got the photo printed at Smartphoto. Yep, that’s advertisement. A few days ago and gave her the print. The smile on her face will make me print out and deliver more of my photographs in the near future.

The woman – now I still don’t know her name – told me her shop was the first Turkish shop in Ghent. Her father opened it 45 years ago and she has been working there the last 40 years.

She told me she couldn’t remember her photo being taken. Because it’s been over a month ago. Or maybe I was quick enough to shoot unnoticed. I was prepared and my camera was set up correctly when approaching her shop. It’s been a while I wanted to make a photograph there. So far no real opportunity came up. Or I wasn’t prepared and got only blurry or badly exposed shots.

Now I’m happy with the result and it looks like she is too.