About me:

For those who don’t know me yet when visiting this blog, I am Thomas Dekiere, 25 years old. I have finished my studies as applied informatics in June 2011. Now, I’m working as a software developer. Apart from doing my job, I play football and try to learn some web designing skills. Not to forget, my passion for photography. It started not so long ago in June 2009 with the purchase of my Nikon D5000 (Which I replaced in July 2012 with a Nikon D700). From that day I have been taking photographs more and more often. Practice has been the only lesson in photography I could take. I’m sure there are a lot of topics and techniques about photography I have never heard about and my goal is to discover as many as possible.

I really love traveling. And with traveling I never mean an all-inclusive trip to the sun spending two weeks around the swimming pool. No. Traveling is exploring regions, cultures and most of all people. I’ve met people from all over the world and the first thing you realize is that we are all very different. But that makes it more interesting.

About this blog:

After two years of being an amateur photographer, I decided to start this blog. You will not find any kind of written art here and for sure it will never be my intention. If I wanted it, and if I were able, to do this, I would have written a novel instead of this blog. I hope my photographs will manage to catch your attention.

I told you I love traveling. You can find my travel stories in my photos I post here. I’ll try to add some information about the buildings or places in my photographs so it all makes a little more sense for you.

I hope you will like my work. Enjoy!


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