Aalst Carnival 2015

A colorful parade is always a great event for photographers. I’m one of the many photographers that goes yearly to the Carnival in Aalst to photograph the participants of the parade.

Tuymans - Fabiola - Dedecker - Aalst Carnaval / Carnival 2015
Cross country skiing in Xhoffraix

Last year we didn’t had any snow in Belgium so I knew whenever I got the chance to see some snow in Belgium, I had to take it. Together with my sister we went for cross country ski in Xhoffraix. Here the people are very friendly and you can rent good and new equipment. We […]

Cross country ski (Langlauf) hautes fagnes/Hoge Venen - XhoffraixCross country ski (Langlauf) hautes fagnes/Hoge Venen - Xhoffraix
Art in Ghent

Art schools in Belgium organised ‘Dag van het DKO’. A day to promote the art schools. People could see workshops and expositions in several cities in Belgium. I had a look at an expo in Ghent underneath ‘De Stadshal’.

Dag van het deeltijds kunst onderwijs - Dag van het DKO - Foto onder stadshal Gent met sint michielskerk op achtergrond
Light Festival Ghent 2015

Tonight is the last chance to see the third
 edition of the light festival in Ghent. Along the festival route you can see all kinds of light sculptures, spectacular projects and installations by contemporary national and international artists.

Light Festival Ghent 2015 - Lichtfestival Gent - Licht festival
Two man walking near the Central Station of Brussels.

Out with the old, in with the new, may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year!

A girl cycles out of the shadows in a street with beautiful houses in Ghent.
Antwerp Christmas market
Antwerp Christmas market - Kerstmarkt Antwerpen - Belgie
World with reflections

I made a collection of ten photographs where not everything is as transparent as it looks.

Two tourists in Ghent
RIP Luc de Vos
Luc de Vos performing with Gorki at Labadoux 2011

It was a beautiful weekend so I went out for a walk. I found a route of about 10km close to border with The Netherlands. This region is called “Meetjesland”. The most known legend about the origin of this name is the one of Emperor Charles V who was known for his sexual appetite. The […]

Walking trail through Meetjeslands krekengebied Meetjesland - Vlaanderen