If you wouldn’t know what a Polder is, here’s the explanation according to Wikipedia: A polder is a low-lying tract of land enclosed by embankments (barriers) known as dikes that forms an artificial hydrological entity, meaning it has no connection with outside water other than through manually operated devices. I was on my way to […]

A canal in the polders between Bruges, Damme and Sluis
Windmill in Flemish fields
Location: Zwalmstreek - Vlaamse Ardennen
Distant Thunder

While cycling through the Flemish fields I made these pictures. Windmills and clouds of a thunderstorm in the distance make the whole scene more dramatic.

J’ai trouvé

Rumors say there is a cheap and good bistro/restaurant called ” J’ai trouvé ” in the Ajuinlei in Gent. I’ve never been there myself but my source is trustworthy. You can see it on this picture.

Note: It's the smaller restaurant on the background of the photo ;)
Book flea market

Every Sunday morning you can find people selling second-hand books along the Ajuinlei in Gent. To keep themselves warm in cold weather, they order coffee – or something stronger – from nearby cafes.

No, this isn't Paris. It's the book flea market in Gent!
Mother and kids

Sometimes you take the best pictures without looking. Shoot from the hip. A practice that’s almost impossible with my heavy 24-70mm f/2.8 but now I have a smaller lens (50mm f/1.4), I might try it out more often.

Mother and kids

I can’t be very wrong when I say that most of the pictures taken in Ghent by tourists are taken from this bridge. Walking over the bridge gives you a view on the Graslei and Korenlei with the Castle of the Counts in the background. Another view, the one I like the most, is when […]

Sint-Michielsbrug - Sint-Michielshelling - Gent
Voigtländer Vito CD

A few months ago I bought an old Voigtländer Vito CD on a flea market in Budapest. It’s a German 35mm film viewfinder camera made in the early 1960′s. The camera has a light meter that helps with finding the correct aperture and shutter speed. The big viewfinder is also great. I developed my film […]

Pain Perdu (Gent)
In the shadow of the Castle of the Counts

One of the things I like in Ghent are the many small street paved with cobbles. Here’s one of these streets close to the Castle of the Counts.

Street in Gent
First snow in Dochamps

Last weekend I was with my family in Dochamps. A small village in the south-east of Belgium. There was a lot of rain expected but we didn’t have any so we could still go walking over the hills and through the forests around Dochamps and its neighboring villages. On the fields on higher levels, there […]

The Ourthe