Two man walking near the Central Station of Brussels.

Out with the old, in with the new, may you be happy the whole year through. Happy New Year!

A girl cycles out of the shadows in a street with beautiful houses in Ghent.
Antwerp Christmas market
Antwerp Christmas market - Kerstmarkt Antwerpen - Belgie
World with reflections

I made a collection of ten photographs where not everything is as transparent as it looks.

Two tourists in Ghent
RIP Luc de Vos
Luc de Vos performing with Gorki at Labadoux 2011

It was a beautiful weekend so I went out for a walk. I found a route of about 10km close to border with The Netherlands. This region is called “Meetjesland”. The most known legend about the origin of this name is the one of Emperor Charles V who was known for his sexual appetite. The […]

Walking trail through Meetjeslands krekengebied Meetjesland - Vlaanderen
The landscapes of Tusheti

Last summer I was traveling in Georgia. I’m still working on my day-by-day travel journal for Georgia but some regions deserve a dedicated post here. My favorite region is without any doubt Tusheti. I have never felt so far from civilization and still so close to strangers at the same time. All of this in […]

Keselo fortress just before sunset, Tusheti, Georgia, Caucasus, Mountains, Travel, Hiking
Aula Academica

You may have noticed I started to use reflections more and more to add more depth to some of my photographs. It allows me to be more creative with my street photographs and to add extra dimensions into one single frame. My goal is to raise questions on how the picture was taken. In this […]

Aula Academica, Street photography Gent, shopping street, black and white, b&w, composition
Emile Braun square

The Emile Braun square is named after Emile Braun. He was one of the main engineers of the city of Ghent. He was also the major of Ghent when in 1913-1914 the World Fair of Ghent took place. A fun anecdote is that people used to call him: “Emile sweet-cake”. This little garden in the […]

Ghent, Citytrip Autumn, October, City park, garden, photography
Evening in Lisbon

It’s already a while ago I traveled to Madeira (see my Travel journal for Madeira). However, I also visited Lisbon during the same trip but haven’t posted any pictures of this city of lovers. The river bank of the Tagus is a nice area for an evening walk or to come to reflect after a […]

Silhouette of a man sitting in Lisbon Lisboa Lissabon during sunset. PortugalSilhouette of a girl watching the sunset in Lisbon Lisboa Lissabon. Portugal