Animal market in Turkey
Waiting for the bus

A shot made while cycling through the streets in Ghent.

Two women waiting for the bus in Gent (Ghent) - Belgium

Fener is a neighborhood in the district of Fatih in Istanbul. I stayed a few days in a little family hostel in this area. Everyday it was a challenge to find the hostel in this maze of little steep streets.


If you want to impress your Turkish friends by your knowledge of Turkish language, you should point to one of your Turkish friends (male) and say ‘Adamson!’. Success guaranteed!

A little boy in fancy clothes at the bazar in Şanlıurfa (Urfa) - Eastern Turkey
Family photo

I was just having the conversation about lucky shots with a friend of me. A lucky shot can also be a great photo. This photo is my best lucky shot I made so far. This photo was made to check if my exposure settings were correct before making a family photo of a Georgian family […]

Kid in Tmogvi, near Vardzia. Georgia.
Paris, once again.
Marmot Twilight 2p

I was asked several times now with what tent I’m traveling with and where I got it. The answer? It’s a Marmot Twilight 2p. I went through my photo archive and found these photos of my tent. The setting of my camping spots makes the tent probably even more attractive than it already is but […]

Rose Valley - Cappadocia - Turkey

On an early morning in the Old Town of Tbilisi I bumped into this Georgian woman. Without her help I would probably still be lost in the maze of alleys, tunnels and narrow stairways located on a steep hill on my way to the Tabor Monastery.

Georgian woman in the old town of Tbilisi, Georgia
Ani, City of 1001 Churches

Martin Heylen, a Belgian travel reporter and television maker, recently told about seven world wonders he has seen during all his travels. He chose the Cathedral of Ani as most impressive building he had ever seen. (‘Het Nieuwsblad’, June 28 2015. p24) I totally share his idea about the ruined Armenian city of Ani. Now […]

Entrance of the ruins of the old Armenian capital Ani.
The Kite runner

“For you, a thousand times over.” ― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner

Two boys controlling their self made kite on the rooftops of Mardin. Eastern Turkey.