Broumov, Czech Republic
62 1/2
A portrait of a 62.5 years old man having a beer in cafe De Harmonie in Ronse, Belgium.
Girl drawing in the Louvre in Paris.
First Turkish shop of Ghent

A while ago I made a photograph of a Turkish woman in front of her shop near Baudelo in Ghent. I got the photo printed at Smartphoto. Yep, that’s advertisement. A few days ago and gave her the print. The smile on her face will make me print out and deliver more of my photographs […]

She's holding my photograph of her in front of her shop where she has been working for over 40 years.The original photo.
Number 16
Street photography in Ghent - Fotografie Gent
Used book cafe

The giant book wall of this cafe in Ghent has space for about 22.000 books. Customers can read them for free in the bar or simply buy one for two euros. For one euro you can swap your own book with any book in the cafe. If you leave a note in your book for […]

Le bar infernal - Used book cafe in Ghent (Gent)
Grocery shop at Baudelo. Steendam. Gent. Belgium.
Girl texting in Gent
Girl texting in Gent. Belgium.
Florenville sur Semois

A viewpoint in Florenville offers a stunning sunset location. Preferably while eating some great Belgian fries with tartar sauce after hiking all day through the forest and along the Semois. You can see more photos made the same day here: Hiking along the GR129 sud – Day 7.

Florenville sur Semois in Wallonie - Belgium