Last but not least, Sioen!

Thursday night, Sioen was playing on one of the pianos of the 123 Piano art project in Ghent. It turned out to be a mini concert in a unique location in Ghent.

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Colorful Piano

It seems like it was raining pianos in Ghent. 123-piano is a musical project that brings people together through live music and provokes spontaneous interactions. (123-piano website)

123 Piano project in front of the Minardschouwburg
Small beguinage O.L.V. Ter Hooyen

I’ve heard so many times about this beautiful place but I never managed to find it myself. Although I often pass this area of Ghent, I always missed it. I never thought there are still places as quiet as the Small Beguinage in Ghent. Many people are gonna be mad at me because I share […]

Small beguinage O.L.V. Ter Hooyen Klein Begijnhof Gent
Another pianist

Today I found another pianist playing at another piano part of the 123 Piano art project in Ghent.

123 piano gent zuid art kunst kunstwerk
The Pianist

Project 123-Piano: Eight artists received an invitation to turn a piano into a piece of art. Without any restriction. The sky is the limit. Each piano will be displayed on a special location in Ghent, where it will receive the attention it deserves. Everyone who crosses one of these pianos will have the chance to […]

The Pianist Ghent
Love in Ghent
Couple in Ghent

Yesterday I discovered a big hidden treasure in Ghent. It’s and old industrial area located behind the huge new palace of justice. It’s surrounded on every side by trees and bushes. I never thought there was actually a small path going to the other side. This place has been given a new future. About 500 […]

Kids playing at the Tondelier site - Ghent
Tourists and a cyclist in Ghent

They say you should always be looking for possible subjects to photograph 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I’m trying to improve my photography. Just as many others probably. With the help of the book ‘Chasing the light’, I hope to get some noticeable results. When I read the first three chapters […]

Tourists in Ghent
People of Madeira

Some of the photographs in this post you may have seen already in my travel journal of my trip to Madeira. However, I wanted to post a special about the people I’ve met on the road. At first sight, the people of Madeira might not look very open or welcoming to strangers, but as soon […]

Rolleiflex SL35 m (2)

After the satisfying result of my first film with the Rolleiflex SL35 camera, I couldn’t wait to start shooting a second film. I never though I would be able to shoot descent pictures without any difficulty. Almost as easy as a point-an-shoot camera. This story isn’t over yet! You can find my first post with […]

Abbey garden
of St Peter’s Abbey - Ghent